Breakout Sessions

These sessions are available for all Cruise360 attendees and is inclusive within the registration. Our Breakout Sessions Cruise360 Australasia 2018 are a key highlight of the conference.

Breakout Sessions:

  • Generation Cruise

Challenging the perception that cruising is the domain of grey nomads, cruising has evolved to appeal to a broad age demographic.

With cruise lines offering an increasingly diverse array of product from dodgem cars to dinner theatre, cruising is in vogue with the young and young at heart.

This session challenges the misconceptions and stereotypes of “cruisers” as we explore exactly who is a modern-day cruise passenger.  From babies to Baby Boomers, the cruise market is far more diverse than many believe.

While traditionally Baby Boomers were seen as the typical cruise passenger, Millennials, along with Gen Y and Xers, are increasingly taking to the seas and rivers to enjoy the value and ease of a cruise holiday.

This session looks at how to sell to the new “Generation Cruise”, while also delving into what cruise lines are doing to plan for the passenger of the future.

  • Reputation Management – How to become an industry advocate and address your clients’ concerns

‘Fake news’ is the buzz word of 2018 and while it’s getting the most use on President Trump’s Twitter feed, it can also affect the cruise industry.

From Norovirus to rough seas and man overboard situations, there are many cruise crises covered in the media. While sometimes the facts are reported correctly, in many cases, the truth is twisted for ‘click bait’ or a catchy headline.

Whether it’s real or fake news, when news breaks it can have a negative impact on business. In this Cruise360 panel session, we cover reputation management and how best to overcome clients’ concerns when a negative story hits the headlines.

With the news cycle spinning faster than ever and, thanks to technology, anyone anywhere able to be a roving reporter for talkback or TV news, it’s vital to have an action plan in place to allay any fears and nip negative news in the bud before it gets a chance to blossom.

Our panel will offer advice and expertise on how to respond, where to access information and how to find the facts amongst fake news, in a bid to empower agents with the right tools to manage a cruise crisis.

To further assist members with reputation management, CLIA Australasia has developed a new intensive training program – Cruise Champion – which will provide members with the skills and know-how to become industry advocates and champion cruise to local media, government and consumers.

  • Does size matter? Why small ships are a big deal.

When it comes to cruising, size does matter.

Being onboard a larger ship isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but there are options. In fact, the small ship industry is booming. From expedition ships to yacht-like vessels, small ships offer a different spin.

This session focuses on this growing niche of small ship cruising, the development of experiences and the boom in small ship destinations. We delve into how agents can take advantage of this burgeoning industry niche to identify new target markets and grow their cruise clientele, while also making the most of increased commission potential.

It’s crucial for agents to know what’s going on at both ends of the scale to be able to match the right cruise to the right client. Our panel will help agents learn how to break into the small ship market, understand who is a small ship cruiser and pick up a few tips along the way to help them match a small ship product to those clients who believe good things come in small packages.

  • Making the most of your partnership with the cruise lines

This session will look at the relationship between CLIA travel agents and the cruise lines, and how to develop these relationships into true partnerships to achieve common goals.

Using case studies from successful agents, we’ll explore the opportunities to leverage each other’s strength, experience and expertise and understand the key resources available to support the successful partnerships between cruise lines and travel agents

The panel will share tips on how to maximize the value of the investments that cruise lines make in sales and marketing tools, and how you can work better together to identify opportunities to grow your cruise business.

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