Will I earn CLIA Accreditation Points for attending the Sea Princess Ship Inspection?

Absolutely! Each CLIA Member who attends the exclusive Sea Princess ship inspection on Thursday 29 August 2019 will receive a total of 10 CLIA Accreditation Points to their profile.

How are my CLIA Accreditation Points be added to my profile?

CLIA will award Travel Agent Delegates with 10 CLIA Accreditation Points for attending the Sea Princess ship inspection on Thursday 29 August 2019.

You will need to upload your Ship Inspection experience to your CLIA Accreditation Profile. Please ensure that you retain your proof of attendance to upload to your CLIA Profile via cruising.org.au.

Will I be able to register for the ship inspection when I arrive at Cruise360?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Princess Cruises and the port security need the final manifests between 3 – 4 weeks before the date that the ship inspection will take place. This provides them the opportunity to clear all of the attendees who have registered ahead of time for your safety.

To register for the ship inspection, please refer to your Cruise360 ticket for more information and your exclusive link.

Why do I need to show my ID for a ship inspection?

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection requires that all persons boarding ships provide identification information from either a Government-issued ID, Driver’s License or Passport.  This information is sent to security prior to the inspection for verification and pre-qualification.  Agents must provide this same ID when boarding the vessel.  Lack of proper identification may result in denial of boarding at the discretion of the cruise line hosting the inspection.

Will transportation be provided to the ship inspection?

Unfortunately, no. All attendees for the ship inspection will be considered under-own-arrangements and must find their own way to and from the ship inspection.

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